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Pre-Congress Seminar
Laparoscopic suturing seminar
Course Director
Dr. Kenro Chikazawa
Saitama Medical Center, Jichi Medical University, JAPAN.

This course provides an introduction to basic laparoscopic suturing techniques in a dry lab setting.
This course will present a basic techniques for needle holding and intra-corporeal knot tying.
*Limit: up to 12 Candidates

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Application Form for Laparoscopic suturing seminar
[DATE] Wednesday, OCTOBER 18, 2017
[START/FINISH] 10:00 / 12:00
[VENUE] ROOM2 (503), 5F, Station Conference Tokyo

Sponsored Seminar 3 Download PDF (261 KB)
[DATE] Thursday, OCTOBER 19, 2017
[START/FINISH] 16:20 / 16:50
[VENUE] ROOM1 (501), 5F, Station Conference Tokyo

Opening remarks

[Day 1] October 18 (Wed) 12:00 - 12:10
Room 1 (501AB)
Hidetaka Katabuchi
(Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Life Sciences,
Kumamoto University, JAPAN)

Invited Speakers

October 18 (Wed.)
Pre-congress seminar

Colposcopy seminar
An interactive journey through colposcopy - practice and challenges
Dr. Jeffery Tan
(Royal Women's Hospital, AUSTRALIA)
Luncheon Seminar 1
(Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.)

Advances in the Screening & Prevention, and Therapy of Cervical Cancer
Prof. Krishnansu S. Tewari
(University of California, Irvine, USA)
Sponsored seminar 1
(Johnson and Jonson, ETHICON)

Minimally invasive radical surgery for early invasive cervical carcinoma
Dr. Masaaki Ando
(Kurashiki Medical Center, JAPAN)
Special lecture: Epidemiology and biology of HPV

HPV associated clinical problems: The Asian scene.
Prof. Paul Chan
(The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)
Educational lecture 1: Cervical cancer screening and management

Automated imager cytology screening and HPV test
Prof. Annie Cheung
(The University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)
Symposium 1: Clinical trials of HPV screening

Introduction of HPV testing to improve cervical screening in Japan
- A comparison of Japanese and foreign studies -

Dr. Kazunori Nagasaka
(Teikyo University, Japan)

Cervical cancer screening through a combination of liquid-based cytology and HPV testing in the Oyama area.
Prof. Hiroyuki Fujiwara
(Jichi Medical University, JAPAN)

Suggesting ideal strategy of cervical cancer screening in Japan: first report of the Fukui Cervical Cancer Screening study
Dr. Tetsuji Kurokawa
(Univerusity of Fukui, JAPAN)
Sponsored seminar 2: Cervical cancer and HPV Vaccine
(MSD K.K. a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc)

Where are we now: treatment and prevention of cervical cancer?
Prof. Ikuo Konishi (short lecture/chair)
(National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center, JAPAN)

Effectiveness of Japan's National Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program for Young Women
Prof. Takayuki Enomoto
(Niigata University, JAPAN)
Symposium 2: HPV vaccine

Therapeutic HPV Vaccine - Is It Clinically Useful?
Prof. Park Jong Sup
(Catholic University Medical College, KOREA)

Impact and Effectiveness Of the Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine:
A Systematic Review of Ten Years of Real-World Experience

Prof. Suzanne Garland
(The University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)
AOGIN board meeting
October 19 (Thu.)
Educational lecture 2: Pathology HPV related cancer
Prof. Takako Kiyokawa
(The Jikei University School of Medicine, JAPAN)
Educational lecture 3 and 4: CIN management and Colposcopy

Detection and management of CIN in AOGIN countries
Prof. Hextan Ngan
(The University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)

Colposcopy Training in the UK
Dr. Hitoshi Kurata
(The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust / Japan Green Medical Centre, UK)
Educational lecture 5 and 6: Topics of cervical cancer therapy

IGF-IR in the carcinogenesis of cervical cancer, candidate as a molecular target therapy.
Prof. Atsushi Hongo
(Kawasaki Medical School, JAPAN)

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gynecologic Cancer
Prof. Young-Tak Kim
(University of Ulsan, Asan Medical Center, KOREA)
Luncheon seminar 2
(Nippon Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd.)

HPV Cotesting and Cervical Cancer Screening
Prof. Edward (E.J.) Mayeaux, Jr.
(University of South Carolina, USA)

The Intrinsic Power of Genotyping for Risk Stratifying Woman Screened for Cervical Cancer
Prof. Mark Stoler
(University of Virginia Health System, USA)
Symposium 3: Topics of head and neck cancer

Multimodal treatment for HPV related oropharyngeal cancer-report form Japanese Cooperative Study Group for Basic Research in Head and Neck Cancer
Dr. Masato Fujii
(Eiju General Hospital, JAPAN)

The management of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer
- Clinical features and treatment strategy -

Dr. Hisayuki Kato
(Fujita Health University School of Medicine, JAPAN)

Confirmation of the eighth edition of the AJCC/UICC TNM staging system for HPV-mediated oropharyngeal cancer in Japan
Dr. Takatsugu Mizumachi
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)
WACC (women against cervical cancer)

Cervical cancer prevention activities in Hong Kong
Prof. Karen Chan
(University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)

Women against Cervical Cancer: Activities in Korea
Prof. Yong-Beom Kim
(Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, KOREA)

Indonesia's Strategy in Reducing Cervical Cancer
Dr. Dwiana Ocviyanti
(Universitas Indonesia, INDONESIA)

Outcomes for girls without HPV vaccination in Japan
Dr. Satoshi Nakagawa
(Osaka University Hospital, JAPAN)

Current status and future perspectives on cervical cancer prevention in Japan
Prof. Etsuko Miyagi
(Yokohama City University Hospital, JAPAN)
Workshop: HPV test self-sampling
Prof. Suzanne Garland (chair)
(The University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)

The challenge of improving the coverage of cervical cancer screening using self-sampling HPV test in Japan
Dr. Mari Ito
(The University of Tokyo, JAPAN)

Can HPV self-sampling help increase cervical cancer screening uptake in Japan:
The evidence to date

Dr. Sharon Hanley
(Hokkaido University, JAPAN)

Validity of Self-Sampling Human Papillomavirus Testing in Japanese Women with Abnormal Cervical Cytology
Prof. Etsuko Miyagi
(Yokohama City University Hospital, JAPAN)
Symposium 4: Challenges of cervical cancer prevention

Can the success of cervical cancer prevention be copied in other cancers -- ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma a candidate
Prof. Tang-Yuan Chu
(Tzu Chi Medical Center, Hualien, TAIWAN)

Challenges and Perspectives of Cervical Cancer Prevention on behalf of AOGIN
Prof. Efrén J. Domingo
(University of the Philippines- College of Medicine Philippine General Hospital, PHILIPPINES)

Challenges and perspectives of cervical cancer prevention: the Japanese situation
Dr. Catherine Sauvaget
(International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization, FRANCE)
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